May 7, 2005 - Premiere of "With You"

This is the movie that Bob's hearse was in 
and Troy did some technical advising for. 
It was premiered at the 
Arcada Theatre
150 E. Main St.
St. Charles IL

Troy, Jim & Lisa, and Rick & Sue headed to the "With You" world premiere.

(We think it's always just these 3 hearses on our runs because death comes in threes!).

We just skidded in on time but OMG!  The theater was so beautiful! 

The movie was cool and the ending was awesome!

Of course, the fact that it featured one of the LasRyds hearses just made it even better!


*images courtesy of Earthshine Entertainment

We all want a copy of the movie now!

After thinking that Bob wouldn't be there because

his lovely wife, Julie, surprised him with a cruise,

we were surprised ourselves when he walked up to us after the movie.

Glad you could be there Bob!

You can check out the movie at:

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