SEPTEMBER 13, 2008


Put on one heck of a show!

21 hearses & 10 vendors!

The comments speak for themselves!

"thank you all for a wonderful time.  I had a blast"

"I had no idea it was such an organized cool event!"

"I had a great time as always with this club."

"I wanted to say thank you to everyone at the event for 

making us feel so welcomed for our first meet!"

"what a freaking ball I had."

"The best hearse show that Fran and I have ever attended."

"I met the people from ashbury who totally rocked AND made me feel at home!"

"You all put on one heck of a good show..."

"I had a great time at the show, rain and all."

"Holy crap did it freakin rain on us or what?!"


This year's winners were:

Best in Show

Carol Lussky (1951 Buick Flxible)



1st Place 1970 & Older

Carol Lussky (1951 Buick Flxible)



2nd Place 1970 & Older

Darlene Daniels (1965 Pontiac Superior Consort)



1st Place 1971-1979

Bob Miller (1972 Cadillac Superior Combination)



2nd Place 1971-1979

Paul Lin (1973 Cadillac Superior)



1st Place 1980 to Present

Rick Rager (1988 Lincoln S&S)



2nd Place 1980 to Present

Sue Rager (1986 Pontiac Eureka Chieftain)



Best Custom

Jim Oyler (1969 Oldsmobile Cotner-Bevington)



Best Stock

Darlene Daniels (1965 Pontiac Superior Consort)



Best Custom Interior

Kevin Giebel (1982 Cadillac Superior 3-Way)



Best Stock Interior

Darlene Daniels (1965 Pontiac Superior Consort)




Kristina Rich (1977 Cadillac Fleetwood Superior)




Troy Hambly (1926 Chrysler)




Troy Hambly (1993 Buick Eureka)



Best Display

Jon Kirk & Barb Taylor



Best Costume

Selene Mendoza, Jon Kirk & Rebecca



Farthest Traveled

Jon Kirk and Barb Taylor



Pictures donated by:

(click name to view pictures)

Bob Miller

David & Selene Mendoza

Fran & Alan Wohl

Jon Kirk

Meredith Gerber

Rick Rager



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