On March 26, 2005, LasRyds headed to

American Science and Surplus to check them out. 

Boy!  Do they have a lot of weird stuff there!


Then it was off to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. 

The wait staff absolutely loved us and

we almost had a mutiny on our hands

when their manager wouldn't let them

go out to look at our hearses! 

Being the nice folk we are,

we drove past the front windows on the way out. 

The windows were PLASTERED with faces!  LMAO


Unfortunately, on the way home, we had problems. 

One of our members broke down

but we stayed with him until the tow truck came

and even followed him home. 

Can you just picture a funeral for a hearse?!?!?


Thank goodness, the ZOM B is NOT DEAD YET!


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