July 29 - 31, 2005

Flashback Weekend’s Horro’Rama Drive-In and Convention

Bob Miller spent the weekend and was joined on Friday by Troy

 and on Saturday by Rick, Sue and their son, Tyler. 

It was great to walk around, see the sights, meet the stars. 

Saturday's highlight was the costume contest. 

Was there any doubt that our own Grim Reaper would win?!?!?!

His special prize consisted of:


One Movie Poster for The Devil's Rejects

One Devil's Rejects Bath Towel

One Devil's Rejects Shot Glass

BAD Movie Police on DVD

Witchhouse 3 on DVD




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Q & with Ted Raimi


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Isn't she cute?!?

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It's Captain Spaulding!

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That's our Reaper!  Head and shoulders above the rest!

A little air guitar, anyone?


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