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Martin Abelshausen of The Netherlands has a hearse and he's living in Holland.

My hearse is a Pontiac Parisienne 1965 with everything on it that makes it a hearse.

It's his daily car.  He drives it to his work and  he goes shopping

and sometimes, when he goes to a meeting, he sleeps in it!


100_06401.jpg (143586 bytes)    136-3636_IMG.jpg (81506 bytes)    IMG_0073.JPG (490396 bytes)



Sharon Ackerman's 1960 Cadillac Superior Landau has a long history: 

Originally used by a funeral home in Great Bend KS, 

then by another home in Topeka KS from which it was repossessed and 

bought by a Dr. Nabors who then donated it to a 

local public service TV station that used it as a party car, etc... 

before it was sold at auction to the Atchison Police Department as a DARE car 

then sold to Sharon through a dealer in Hiawatha KS......

Kevin Abilla of Yerington, NV doesn't have a hearse yet but is looking for 

a 1964 Cadillac SS 3 way hearse that is in very good shape 

but no mods, just stock

Blair Agar, of Townsville, Queensland, Australia, owns a 1984 LTD hearse,

grey, with black vinyl roof, six cylinder carby model, 

18 inch mag wheels, tinted windows, a/c and power steering


BlairAgar1.jpg (105236 bytes)    BlairAgar2.jpg (110232 bytes)

T.G. Allison of Anderson, SC has 1972 Cadillac  SS/Victoria.

His hearse was bought on Friday the 13th.

Interior and bodywork being done now.  Interior will be black and purple tweed.

Body will be black pearl with purple violet ghost flames w/purple passion candy.  And flame throwers!

Scott Amsler, from Troy, IL, has "Lilly" a 1972 Superior in great condition, 

fresh out of service from Colby KS....

he's also looking for a modestly priced 60's M&M or Superior

Dwight G. Angel in Tallahassee, FL owns 4 hearses:

a 1970 Cadillac, 1975 Cadillac, and two 1979 Cadillacs.
His hearses are all factory originals.

Blair Agar of Queensland, Australia has a 1984 LTD Ford Hearse .

His hearse was bought because he couldn't buy back his 1960 Miller Meteor hearse. 

He was going to convert the caddy into a limo and run ghost tours in Tasmania 

but found it too expensive to do at the time.  

So he bought the LTD to do up as a show car. 

He had the first show on the 22-23 of April 2006.  

So far all he has done to it is some alloy wheels and tinted windows.

He has a huge stereo system to go in it complete with a huge LCD screen to play horror films at the show. 

Picture002.jpg (1238974 bytes)

John Aranza of Oak Park, IL owns a 1984 Buick LeSabre "Eureka".

He just bought it for his business in March, 2005 (old sci-fi and Horror films and memorabilia).

He has it in the garage now; paint scheme will be black, with pearlescent ghost flames, grey interior. 

The interior is a project for next year!


Dillion Asher, of Whitesburg KY, began his hearse story in June of '99 

when he spotted an old Cadillac hearse up for sale, 

he scraped up enough money, consulted his friends, 

and bought her a 1968 Cadillac Victoria Miller-Meteor Endloader.  

He's restoring her and can't get enough of it.  

Always in search of parts and advice to get through the restoration.


Joseph "Bamaloosatide's" dream hearse 1970 Cadillac Superior Endloader.  

Visit his website to see all his pictures and other hearse links.

Aaron Barnhart, from Terre Haute IN, is looking for a hearse...

his dream car would be "Ecto I" from Ghostbusters 

1959 Cadillac with all of the lights, bells, and whistles.

Tom Bates must settle for vicarious enjoyment by
looking at all the great pictures of our hearses.

Joseph Baugh from Hillsboro, IL has a 1979 Cadillac Superior


Pastor Freak Steve Bensinger of Kalamazoo Michigan has a 

Black 1985 Cadillac Endloader with blue velvet interior 

and a hand made Grim Reaper that rides along as a mascot.  

Written on the back window is 

"Come As You Are Church Don't ride in one of these until you talk to us"   

He's the pastor of the church.


Craig Benson, of Chillicothe OH, does not own a professional car, 

but he used to work out of a 1972 Miller-Meteor combo 

in the beginning of his 13 year EMS career.  

Anyone have pics of combos for him?

Arnold Beukelman 1966 Cadillac-Superior 4-SALE

Kenneth M. Billings II of Ovid, MI has a 1986 Eagle Cadillac.

 It is in the process of being transformed into a mud bogger.... 

(some might cringe but it is being done tastefully)

The body is being put on a 1979 Chevy frame with 4in body lift and a 10in suspension lift, 

572cid full race engine with 850 - 900 HP at the rear wheels, 

Turbo 400 tranny, NP205 transfer case, and 

Dana front and back axles with 6.13 to 1 gears on spools front and back. 

It is painted white now but will be given a new coat of high gloss black front to back 

with a flame job up front starting in purple fading to silver. 

The frame will be powder coated purple.

Eric Binotti from Chicago Ridge, IL owns a  

1971 Pontiac Bonneville Hearse/Ambulance Combo

1 0f 22 lwb made

455 Pontiac, he added 71 stock 4brl intake/carb, dual exhaust, dual a/c (works).

He also added a 60's siren from a cop car, am/fm, 

3.23 open rear, rally 2 wheels and rally gauge cluster

It needs a resto, but looks good!

116_1633.jpg (64799 bytes)

Tony and Diana Bittle have a 1926 Henney 162/A limousine hearse that they are completely restoring

Fred Bland, pictures coming soon.

Doug Boehmke bought a 1969 Pontiac Bonneville Combo

Adam Borkat owns this 1966 and this 1974 Superior Cadillac Endloader. 

 Visit his website at:

Danny Bost is looking for a hearse.

James Bound, of Phoenix AZ, used to have THE hearse...

a 1966 Cadillac Superior Crown hearse model #604 and body #666!!!  

Pure Evil!!  427 w/ 77,000 original miles, suicide doors cathedral windows. 

Now owned by NoMan, from Houston...

we'll get his info and more current pictures posted soon.

Dustin Brants, of Kingsville MO,  just got a new hearse, 

a gray Cadillac that he'll be customizing over the next few months...

pictures and more of a description coming soon.

Mario Broncata, of Glen Ellyn IL, has a 1955 Pontiac Chieftain 870 hearse 

that he is restoring with a 3-speed manual trans, 

287 CI V-8 that should be ready this May/June.

Jessie M. Brooks, of Falls Church VA, has a 1971 Oldsmobile Cotner-Bevington white 

with a 455 Rocket engine, 87,000 miles.

Dan Brown has just purchased a 1982 Buick Armbruster-Stageway funeral limousine 

and is in the process of buying a matching hearse.

Brian “Brugh Man Chu”Brugh of Torrance,  CA owns a 1972 Miller Meteor Combination.

He purchased it from an auction in Redondo Beach 

and began a full frame off restoration.  

More to come including a 472 swapped for a 

528 blackbird from mts  20’s hydros and tuckand roll interior 
 He is  trying to track down a hearse dude that he saw on Monster Garage

 when they tried to customize a hearse.

His name is Steve Stearle. 

Does anyone know him  or where he can get a hold of him?

Also, he came across (and now owns) a 72 Miller Meteor combo 

that has the Las Ryds logo in the top front 4" of the windshield.

He was wondering if anyone in our club had sold the vehicle within the last 5 years.

He would like to get some history on it.

So far he only knows that it was from Iowa or Ohio 

and then came out to California and some surfer cop had it.

Bryan of St. Augustine, FL has this beauty.

IMG_0139.jpg (58879 bytes)

Dan Buchanan, of Rantoul IL, has a 1970 black Superior Crown, Endloader, 

original except for burgandy-tassled curtains in window. 472 cid


hearse1.jpg (46245 bytes)        buchhearse3.jpg (31568 bytes)


Dan Buckman, of Milwaukee WI, recently purchased a1986 Buick hearse 

that is black with a deep blue interior and silver drapes.  

It was purchased in July of 2002 from the original owner, 

the Jansen-Molenda Funeral Home in Milwaukee.

Robert Burden, of La Vergne TN, has "Azrael" the falling Angel

 a 1963 Cadillac Miller-Meteor with 74,000 miles on it.  

By the way, he bought it from a Mr. Bates...motel and knife not included  

Pictures coming soon.

Ray Burke of Stevensville, MI is a blues keyboardist, 

who is known in the blues community as "Sweetray".

He has always loved these vehicles and finally got the chance to own one. 

He owns a 1986 Caddy DeVille Miller Meteor w/ 53,000 miles.

bluesmobile.jpg (52100 bytes)

Robert L. Burns from Gaines, Michigan does not currently own a hearse.
But he does plan on buying one of these magnificent vehicles.. hopefully sooner than later. 

And if someone could help him located a hearse for about $2,500 or so that would be perfect.

Patrick Bynum, of Cleveland TN, has a 1974 Cadillac Superior Endloader

Brett Byrd is one of the few of us that actually use hearses as they were intended. 

No hearse of his own yet, though.

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