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Doug Hallberg, of Lisle IL, used to have a '69 Cadillac Endloader, 

'75 Pontiac Endloader,  and was a co-owner in a '67 Cadillac Flower Car.  

Works in a salvage yard in Montgomery, IL so if anyone needs parts let him know 

(most of his yard's stuff is late model, but he can check for older stuff too).


Donald Hamlett Jr, of Campbell MO, only has hearse in his dreams so far....

looking to change that into a 350 powered 4x4 hearse that's been lifted about 8"

Randy Hammitt has a highly "mortified"1974 M&M Combo

Rich Harkless has this caddy

Ryan Harrington, of West Dundee IL, has a 1970 Superior Endloader, 

stock 'cept for the 500 swapped into it, American Racing Teron rims and tires.  

Oh Yeah, muffler.

The Haunted Hall of Fort Smith, AR, purchased a 

1989 Cadillac Brougham Funeral Hearse by Collins Coach in May, 2006.

They plan to fix it up to promote their haunted house which can be seen at
They also have another hearse that does not run that they got a few years back 

to use as a prop and they aren't sure how old it is but it is old.


hauntedhall1.jpg (84585 bytes)    hauntedhall2.jpg (96249 bytes)    hauntedhall3.jpg (89658 bytes)    hauntedhall4.jpg (99463 bytes)    hauntedhall5.jpg (92320 bytes)

Chad S. Hawks recently purchased his first hearse a 1968 Cadillac.  

We're working on the coachbuilder for him.


Paul and Doris Heins, of Lincoln IL, are interested in hearses 

on both a nostalgic as well as a professional level.  

(Mike Helphinstine is going to help keep them up on the club's happenings 

until I figure out an offline format for the club also to get the rest of the world involved)

Robert Helder from the Netherlands has a 1977 Cadillac S&S Endloader.
It's an old car that needs work.  

Everything is poor about that car but he's glad that he could buy one.  

In the Netherlands, it's hard to find such a car like this.

Picture031.jpg (66290 bytes)    Picture032.jpg (593682 bytes)

Michael Helphinstine's Shrine Unit's 1978 Cadillac M&M

Don Henager of Downers Grove, IL picked up a 

1987 Cadillac S&S Victoria Endloader with 86.000 miles on it.

He bought it from Anthony in Michigan, and Anthony told him about this club.

hearse21.jpg (112372 bytes)    hearse22.jpg (102983 bytes)    hearse23.jpg (124697 bytes)    hearse25.jpg (100352 bytes)

Sammy Henson of Fort Worth TX owns a 1955 hearse.

Steven Hernandez from South Plainfield, NJ is the proud owner of  "CADAVA".

CADAVA is a 1984 Cadillac Sayers and Scovill Victoria. 

Her body is beautiful, her insides are all in top shape. 

She just came back from having new heat, electrical work, 

new wiper/washer motor and gas tank. 

His mechanic swears someone is still hanging out inside playing silly games. 

He just received her as a Christmas gift (2005) from his partner. 

Best gift and partner ever.

Tony Herrera of Moundsville, WV has a 1988 Cadillac Eureka.

He bought in April of 2006 from a funeral home in Ohio to haul his DJ/KJ equipment to shows.

He's loving his car!

Andy Herrold has a 1967 Cadillac S&S Victoria 3-way and this 1988 Lincoln S&S Victoria.

Paul "Pall Bearer" Hieber, from Joliet, IL owns a White Zombie 1976 Cadillac M & M 3-way

Poor Paul-Bearer -- He sold this hearse on Ebay on April 14, 2008

10.jpg (49279 bytes) MVC-620F.JPG (130602 bytes)

Mike Hiebert owns a 1951 Buick Flxible that he is restoring and customizing.

Gwen Hills, of Bangor MI, has hearse #2 a 1987 Cadillac 

that is currently getting some winter bodywork and graphics done to it.  

Pictures coming soon.

Chet Hitt is currently restoring a 1947 Cadillac hearse and limousine 

for use in their cemetery and mortuary.  

He's also restored a horse-drawn Merits & Riddle hearse 

that was used for Roy Rogers funeral.  

He may be interested in another pre-1950 hearse if anyone knows of one.

Johnnie Hoffman, of Highspire PA, doesn't have a hearse yet, but he's working on it.

John Hollowell, of Port Republic MD, now has a 1968 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Endloader.

Helen Hostutler of Alsip, IL  doesn't have a hearse 

but still enjoys cruising with the LasRyds group when she can!

Kevin and Pam Howey from Waynetown, IN owns a 1984 Buick S & S, long door model. 

Black over White.  They will forward better pictures later...
BESS84Buick.jpg (36776 bytes)

William Hudson of Decatur, IL picked up a 1983 Cadillac S&S on July 3, 2006 from Decatur, IL.

She came from OK.  She was on duty until 3 weeks before he bought her, when they decided to retire her. 

She is black with blue interior.  

Her maiden voyage as Queen Victoria was to Michigan City IN, and then on to West Layfette IN.

 They went a little over six hundred miles together and loved every minute of it.

He has always wanted a Cadillac Station wagon ;) and he found her on a car lot there in town. 

She was built in 1983 by S & S and is still all original. 

She has had some light body work done to one of her doors 

and a fresh coat of paint, although who ever painted her wasn't that great.
He's looking forward to having many years of good times with Victoria.

Loving the looks and the comments. 

He hopes that there is another owner in his area or somewhere close where they can get together and have some fun.

hudson1.jpg (91884 bytes)    hudson2.jpg (122461 bytes)    hudson3.jpg (106386 bytes)    hudson4.jpg (93618 bytes)

Chris Hughes has a 1969 Cadillac M&M

Brandon Hurren has this mint condition 1971 Cadillac Superior End-loader

Frank Jackowiak of Plainfield, IL doesn't have a hearse yet 

but he thinks they are cool and wouldn't mind having one. 

He almost bought one a few months ago but he couldn't work the deal.

Also, he does photo work so if a club member needs help with photos 

he's glad to help.


Nate Jackson from Evanston WY owns a 1972 Miller-Meteor Landau Endloader 

that has only 32,000 original miles on it...unfortunately it is in bad need of paint.

Robert Jackson lives near Baton Rouge Louisiana and 

has this 1970 Cadillac Miller Meteor Endloader


Andrew Jacobs of Darlington, SC purchased his hearse in early 2006 for $500!  

He plans on making it a work vehicle for his business.  

It will be used mostly for short distance towing and parts delivery.  

He's already in the process of replacing the wood in the back, 

has many parts to get rid of and needs a driver side front floor pan. 

He also has a yellow beacon light that is being mounted.  

The original paint is starlight silver with black parchment top.  

He plans candy apple red with black rhino liner for roof due to rust and bad pitting.


new caddy's 001.jpg (35726 bytes)

Jeff from Wisconsin owns a couple of hearses 1987, 1988 and 1989's  

Two of them were made by Alberta Coach and the other one is an Eagle.

 Amy Jenkins from Huber Heights, OH has  a 1984 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse. 
Her hearse is all white.  

Has a very few spots that need help.  

Her plan is to repair all that is wrong and 

do a custom Nightmare Before Christmas makeover.  

It has all original parts that she knows of.


Monica Jezebelle is a full time student at University of California-Fullerton 

and uses her '70 S&S Victoria to haul around her art supplies.

Ben P. Johnson, one of our "Long Distance" members from southern Maryland 

and his 1981 Cadillac S&S Victoria

Lee Johnson, of  Last Ride, Inc., has built a great biker hearse.

Randy Jones has "Ceceilia" a 1972 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Landau Traditional Combination.

Len Jurgensen not only has this cool Oldsmobile hearse, but he also owns a beer wagon!

Frank Kapetanovich has a 1982 Mercury Thacker hearse.

The fleet from the funeral home Frank works at: A'96 Buick Roadmaster wagon, 

'98 Caddy Eureka hearse, and a '97 Eureka 6-door Limousine

Amanda works at a funeral home in Dearborn MI 

where they have a 1999 Lincoln Town Car hearse.  

She doesn't have one of her own yet (you know those broke college kids), 

but she does have a Black PT Cruiser all decked out like a child's hearse!

Princess Kay Cee recently bought a black '73 Cadillac hearse with a red interior.  

"I'm 16 yrs old, I didn't buy it for a band, I'm not a Goth kid, 

I'm just a plain Jane with a real big wagon"

Matt Kefer of  Akron PA has a 1966 Cadillac 3-way.  

It's gloss black with a black vinyl top and midnight blue interior, 

350 V-8, digital gauges, tilt-steering, posi-traction rear end, 

and a custom black walnut casket.

Ray Kienzler has a 1976 Miller-Meteor since Halloween of '99.
Needs paint and will get it soon.

He has a close buddy with a 84 S&S. 

They both tend a little more to the morbid (spook house) side of things. 

They are co-founders of an unofficial hearse club 

called Spook House On Wheels - SHOW Cars. 

They and four other coaches were in the Springfield "Illinois State Fair Parade".
The first column is his hearse and the second are from the car show.

Judy King of  Millington MI has a 1947 Cadillac Miller hearse 

that is in fair condition and currently being restored and made better than ever.


Kevin Kingsbury of Warren, Ohio has a 1934 Cadillac hearse 

that he came across at a back country used car lot for only $1400.  

The bumpers, grill, hood ornament, and door handles have to be re-chromed 

and extensive body work needs to be done.  

A big block 632 engine is ordered and a 

Hughe Performance Race Transmission 

as well as a brand new rear end for her.  

Photos are coming once she is completed.

Steven Kolegas of Lansing, IL has an '87 Eureka Concourse, 

blue on blue, with blue interior, 79,000 original miles.

He bought it out of a funeral home from Wonder Lake, IL.

Her name is Lady Blue, and she's had very few modifications, 

such as skull lock knobs, CD player, with a small kicker box, 

not real custom, but pretty much stock. 

Here is a pretty good pic of her:


Picture20026.jpg (55264 bytes)    RCA_0233.jpg (98216 bytes)


You can also see more pics of her next to a sweet 60 Eureka

at under 60n87 in pictures section.

David Koonce, of Humble TX, doesn't have a hearse, but he's still looking.

Joey Kundler (Freaky Daddy) lives in Manassas, VA.

He has a 1983 Cadillac Collins Hearse.

He bought it August, 2005 from Moore Cadillac in Vienna Virginia near Washington D.C.

He had been looking at hearses on EBay for a while and 

bidding on stuff for his Halloween haunt when he came across a guy at 

who was selling a casket cart, a cooling cot and a crucifix. 

He listed the items as pick up only. 

He emailed him and asked if there was any way 

that he could deliver the Items if Joey won the bids. 

He asked whether Joey could get to Washington D.C. 

Turns out that he buys used trade in hearses from Moore Cadillac 

and would deliver Joey's items won in the cab of the flat bed truck sent to pick up a hearse. 

When Joey arranged to pick up his items from the dealership, he met Phil Mathis. 

Joey told him of his interest in purchasing a hearse and 

it just so happened that a young co-worker of his was selling a 

1983 Cadillac "Collins" Hearse with 74K miles that Phil had sold him months earlier. 

Joey got it for $1500 and all it really needed was a valve cover gasket replacement. 

The radio and the power antenna didn't work 

so he replaced the antenna and had a hi-end Pioneer head unit installed...

replaced the dash speakers and had a 400W amp installed behind the drivers seat 

to drive a 10" "Kicker" sub-woofer installed in a custom box in the area 

where the removable panel leads to the spare tire.

Of course the A/C compressor crapped out just after he bought the car. 

He just had the A/C system repaired, replaced the front shocks, replaced the cooling fan, 

repaired an exhaust leak at the catalytic converter and replaced all four tires 

and got an alignment done. 

Oh he also replaced the original pearl centered hub caps with red centered hub caps...

they look better and match the red in the tail and side light lenses. 

His first road trip will be to Ironstock in Tell City in Indiana the last weekend in June..

Joey and his wife have been invited to join forces with existing members of 

LasRyds in the Coffin Races at Ironstock. 


freakydaddy1.jpg (90570 bytes)    freakydaddy2.jpg (132128 bytes)    freakydaddy3.jpg (106278 bytes)    freakydaddy4.jpg (96961 bytes)    freakydaddy5.jpg (97043 bytes)

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