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Chris Call of Buckeye AZ is looking for a 1967 Cadillac hearse

Randy Candy of Chicago, IL has a 89 Eureka Cad...79,000 miles

He just painted it magenta in August 2005.

He's working on the interior after that!

hearse09a.jpg (207828 bytes)    hearse10a.jpg (220777 bytes)    hearse11a.jpg (210452 bytes)

Chris Cantrell, of Niangua MO, has a black '68 Cadillac S&S Victoria Endloader 

with blue interior and 57,000 miles.

Donald "Barry" Caselli used to have this 1963 Cadillac-Superior 

and now has another hearse and ambulance - 

pictures are coming soon

Brian Cassidy of Ontario, Canada hopes to be getting a hearse soon!

Mary Celeste of Newton, IA just bought her first hearse.

It is a 1986 Buick Endloader and she took delivery of it September, 2005.

She bought on E-bay for $1,275.00.

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Craig Cermak , Riverside IA, is a big fan of professional cars 

as well as a huge Pontiac nut with a 1967 Pontiac Bonneville combination 

that was used as a first responder vehicle 

with twin bullet roof lights as well as a center beacon.   

Also pictured is his son, Connor's new toy 

(hopefully it is ready by the time he is old enough)  

He's got a number of Pontiac as well as Cadillac parts cars 

if anyone is looking for parts.

Also, his friend Tim recently acquired this 62 Cadillac to go home to Iowa for a full restoration

Chad and his brother Scott Bettisch had this Cadillac 3-way.

Dan Cheever of Iola KS does not have a hearse at this time. 

Frank and Susan Christenson, of Sandy UT, have a '67 Cadillac Superior Endloader.

It is a daily driver, and we use to pull the tailgate trailer
(UTE HAUL) to all the University of Utah home football games. It has been in
the St. Patrick's Day parade for the past four years, with the UTE HAUL.
Susan teaches at a local high school and the students love to have the
hearse in the homecoming parade. We also have taken first place in several
of the local Halloween cruise nights. People come from miles around, to
trick or treat at our house on Halloween because the hearse is the focal
point of our Halloween decoration. It's just a fun  car!
The most recent addition to the car is the flames. Still working on the interior.
Does anyone know where I can find door weather stripping and some Superior trim logo?
When people  tell us that it is creepy to have a hearse our response,
Don't let your first ride in a hearse be your last. -penned by Amy, Grim Rides Hearse Club.
Susan has also designed a  couple signs to put in the windows, with some
material taken from Red Foxx's Party Record put out in the late 1950's.

One Cent Sale!
If you die next week, you can take a friend along for a penny.
For $25 above top cost you can ride up front with the  driver.
This ad is brought to you by E.M. Balm & Co., the folks who dig you the most.

Carl ChutroCarl The Undertaker of Indianhead Park, IL 

had a beautiful 1973 Miller Meteor Olympian that he purchased from Mark Justin.  

He used this vehicle for House Calls as a Trade Embalmer, 

and eventually had to sell it when he could no longer make House Calls.

Mark had the vehicle repainted to match his limousine at the time.  

It was Silver over Silver, and was one of the most beautiful Coaches Carl has ever seen.  

It was a 3-way, and the electric table functioned perfectly in every respect.

Although many of the old timers complained about the rattling of the side loaders, 

Carl still feels that they were the best ever made.

He have some video footage of this hearse, and when he has some time, 

he will try and capture still shots from the video and send it in for our site.

Scary Perry Claeys , from Kenosha WI is the founder and president of Grave Sites Hearse Club .  

He has owned 11 hearses so far,  including his newest, 

a 1965 Cadillac S&S Victoria 3-Way, classic black with blue interior, 

gray dash and purple tinted windows, 

a 1973 Cadillac S&S 3-way, a 1974 Cadillac Superior Combo 

and a '75 Cadillac Superior Endloader. 

 He also used to have these an '80 Cadillac Superior Crown, 

a 68 Superior Combo, 1980 Buick S&S 

and 1981 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser B&B 

(Dig the license plate...COMIN 4 U)

Anthony Clark of Jonesboro, IL has a 1972 Cadillac hearse with a 472 in it.

It's gold with gold interior. 

Her name is The Grave Digga.

He found it at a car lot in the back with flat tires and no driver side window

 so right now he has a piece of plastic on it for a window.

He used it to deliver pizzas but then nobody would take their food so he got fired. 

So right now, he has no money to fix her up and he's looking for loner parts or to sell her.

Gary Lee Clark from Morehead KY has "Morticia" a 1983 Cadillac Superior Endloader. 

 He's member and webmaster of High Rollers Car Club.

 Here's Morticia's own website:

This picture is from his award winning showing at the Top 100 Show at Natural Bridge, Slade, KY

Laura Clasen, of Kingsville TX, is currently restoring a $450 find...

a 1970 Cadillac Miller-Meteor.  

Good condition black leather interior, 

needs body work, paint, and a new engine.  

If all goes well, it'll be on the road by Halloween.

Dave Clement from California has this 1948 Packard Henney hearse

Bruce W.& Ruth A Coburn of Kalamazoo, MI  own a '74 S&S Victoria Hearse and 

are currently members of Graveyard Haulerz and Just Hearse'n Around in Michigan.

74S&SVictoriaHearse3.jpg (73028 bytes)    Bruces_74_S_S2.jpg (124260 bytes)    Bruces_74_S_S3.jpg (48638 bytes)

Doug Collingsworth , of Decatur, AL, had to work around some parental hurdles

 to get his white on white '79 Cadillac S&S Victoria with sea-foam green interior.  

He's looking for replacement rear 1/4 panels for it.

Wayne Collins of Goldsboro MD currently owns a 

1970 M-M Classic Combination that is undergoing restoration.

vowell70cad.jpg (35824 bytes)

Phillip J. Coomer of Louisville, KY has a 1976 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Landau Traditional 3-way 

with 61,000 miles on it.  It was just retired May of 2001 from funeral service.


Danny Cornette, of Greenville KY, doesn't own a hearse 

"but you never can tell what might happen next"

Matt Costa, of Brockton, MA, doesn't have a hearse but loves 'em.  

He does have a customized '86 Town Car.

Brent Covey from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

is looking for a 1966 Cadillac, preferably Superior.

Rich Cram of Spencer, Wi. 54479 has a 1988 Buick Superior.

He's owned the car since October 2002. 

He's given it the name "Midnight Runner - and it's his pride & joy. 

The car had only 50,000 miles on it when he got it and he's put on 11,000 since.

It got a few minor upgrades in 2003 - 

he didn't want to get too carried away, as he wanted to keep its originality. 

Raised - White Letter Firestones, Glasspack Exhaust, an Aiwa CD Deck, 

Purple Rope Lights in the casket compartment, its windshield & rear window lettered. 

He works in a Haunted House every October - the car is a BIG hit up there!

It is also, where he got a casket for it given to him - a 20 gauge steel sealer !!

Thanks Monster Hall in Unity, WI !! 

Car is driven daily from Memorial Day weekend until Early November, it goes into Winter storage then.


cram1.jpg (528831 bytes)    MidnightRunner5.jpg (149922 bytes)    MidnightRunner6.jpg (156271 bytes)    MidnightRunner13.jpg (219426 bytes)


Tyler Crawford of St. Louis, MO is planning to get a hearse in the near future. 

He is just looking around right now to get an idea of what he wants. 

He's thinking '60-'85, most likely Cadillac, but a Pontiac would work just as well.

Chris "Digger" Curtis 1967 Superior Crown

Michael Cupp , from Brownsburg, IN is currently looking for a hearse.

Joe Cusack owns a 1977 Cadillac Miller Meteor
He's always wanted one but never realized 

how fun it was to drive one every day until now!!!!!
The car was in excellent shape with only 71,000 miles on it 

when they saw it on the side of the road for sale.
He couldn't believe they only wanted $1,200 for it.
What a find,  it also makes a great addition to the Halloween graveyard.


JD 1893 Horse-drawn, 1965 S&S Ambulance, 

S&S Combination, S&S Hearse, Cadillac Lead Car, 

Flower Car, 1964 M&M Combination, 1976 Cadillac High-top Ambulance, 

& a 1948 DeSoto Limousine

Deen Dam Darque has both a '70 Miller-Meteor Endloader and a '87 Endloader.  

Pics to come.

Mark Dauenbaugh lives in  Rockford, IL.  

He presently owns a 1981 Cadillac 3-way.  

He's glad to see there's a club in Illinois...

Pat "Grimmy" Daugherty has a 1972 Cadillac S&S Endloader

Ronald "Big Daddy" Daugherty of Grave Intentions Funeral Coach Club

Austin Davis, of Paris KY, would like to have a hearse soon.

Calvin Dawson , of Sudbury Ontario, has a 1980 hearse that he's fixing up.  

He'll get some before and after pics soon.

Brian Everett Day of San Antonio, TX owns a 1974 Miller Meteor Combo.

After looking for two years,  he bought his first hearse about 6 months ago

for $500 in Kerrville, TX.

She is a 1974 Miller Meteor combo. 

Right now, he is stripping her old paint off, fixing the dents and dings 

and will hopefully have a new paint job on her by October. 

She does run, but doesn't run well. 

So far, he has replaced her fuel pump, carb, and some of the lines. 

She needs her lenses replaced, they are dry and cracked, still looking for replacements. 

The windshield does have a crack, but its not so bad that you notice it right away. 

Anyway, if anyone lives around San Antonio, hit him up and he would love to meet you!

Scott DeGrace from Minooka IL owns a black, all original 1969 Cadillac Superior Sovereign.

It has a  rare curved roof landau body style especially that year.

An estimated 2000 units actually exist?  

But other than that, the car is a mere duplicate of the famous "PHANTASM" hearse.

Dana DeLong, of Knoxville TN, no hearse clubs that way so welcome to LasRyds.

Donald J. Desmarais , of Ottawa Ontario Canada, has "YERSINIA PESTIS" 

or "PESTIS" for short (Black Plague), a 1982 Cadillac Superior by Earnhardt 

that he is currently restoring that he picked up for 

a mere $700 Canadian sight unseen.  

He uses it in his small delivery business.  

In progress photos are on the way.

Cameron Deveney has this '69 Cadillac S&S in Windsor PA

Tom De Veno , of Hillside, IL, is looking for a 65-68 or 71-76 hearse 

and also he'd take a flower car.  

He's been around the business most of his life 

since his uncle had one of the largest funeral homes in the Chicagoland area. 

He does own 2- 1951 Cadillacs though, a Fleetwood 60 series and a 62 series.

Diamond Limousine and Coach Service in Rochester, Minnesota has 

a '78 Buick Superior Endloader that's fresh out of service.  

It has 63,000 original miles.  Now, it's being used for the livery service.

Tyson Dieter, Jr from Spokane, WA is looking for a hearse in the under $2000 range.  

Hearses are so much cooler than those small little sports cars 

that his friends are buying and driving.

Steve Dixon owns a 1972 Cadillac Superior hearse that he is restoring.

Robert "Bob" Dobecki of DeRidder, LA has a 1992 Chevrolet Suburban Eagle Conversion.

It was used as a 1st call vehicle and back up hearse in Houston Texas until it racked up 250,000 miles! 

Then it was transferred to his funeral home (HIXSON FUNERAL HOME in DeRidder, LA) 

and another 200,000 miles have been put on it! 

Recently it was retired from service and he purchased it for himself! 

It still has the entire original running gear with almost a half of a million miles, 

black (of course) full vinyl top and landau bars! 

It's just a cool looking vehicle and has picked up the nickname 


because of it being a Suburban!

Domenic has a 1970 Cadillac-Superior Sovereign Landaulet Endloader

John Duckworth , a funeral director from the UK, 

uses daily a Ford Scorpio fleet in black: Hearse and two limousines.

Also has a Daimler hearse and limousine which are silver over black.
and an Austin Princess hearse which he has been renovating for some time now.
What he is looking for is a Rolls Royce hearse 1930 phantom 

or 20/25 in any condition
If he can source or help anyone for parts etc here in the UK,  

please contact him at [email protected]

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