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Joseph Earnhardt , a funeral director from Crestview FL has 

a 1985 Lincoln Town Car/Century High top for sale  asking $3,000.  

Pictures coming soon.

"Not Dead Ed" has an "in service" condition 1982 S&S Victoria, 

pictures coming soon
"Any day above ground is a good one"

Ken & Elaine Edney from Chandler, AZ bought a 1985 Buick Eureka coach 

originally from a funeral home in Hibbing, MN.  

Picked it up at a dealer in Minneapolis and drove it home, 

by way of Mr. Rushmore, a total of over 2000 miles.

The coach had 66000 original miles on it when they acquired it.  

It now has 80,000 miles on it and has become my daily driver.

It's metallic silver with a dark blue vinyl top, and matching blue interior.  

It is used for towing his race car (a Formula Ford which 

is like a miniature Indy car) although a little under powered.  

His trailer which is almost coffin shaped is a great match.  

One of his friends suggested covering the trailer in wood-grain contact paper

 and getting large brass towel racks for both sides (like handles).

It has also made Ken one of the most "recognizable" people in my neighborhood 

as he is most usually introduced as " the guy with the hearse". 

His wife loves traveling in it as she can buy anything she finds along the way, and just toss it in the back.

buick2.jpg (26118 bytes)    buick3.jpg (78859 bytes)

Steven Erickson of Momence, IL has a 1969 Pontiac Bonneville Superior.

It was silver but he did quick paint job at the last minute for a haunted house his wife and he volunteer at.

She's in rough shape, but still runs and rides great. 

The motor is not original.  It ended up up in a hot rod somewhere.

The interior seems to be mostly intact except for two gauges in the dash and the radio.

The frame is rotted just after the left rear wheel, but it still goes down the road.

He can't find a frame. 

He will drive as long as he can.

He has owned her for 6 years. 


1969 bonv.jpg (40579 bytes)    QV008.jpg (47161 bytes)    QV009.jpg (35218 bytes)    QV013.jpg (35494 bytes)

Erik loves to set up Halloween displays and had 

a 1966 Cadillac S&S Victoria which is now in a good home in Texas

Howie "Slobber" Erlich of Madison Heights, MI is the 

co-owner of the Urban Legends Haunted House in Michigan 

and has a 1985 Lincoln Town Car hearse 

that's in pretty good shape, 

but he's going to be completely restoring her over time.
Here's a link to his website:


Loren Etter, of Mora MN, has an unrestored 1924-26 Henney hearse 

that should have a wooden body on it when restored.  

Looking for information on it's continental engine #17288R-12701.

Matthew Evans of Lancaster, PA doesn't have a coach yet, 

but is always on the lookout for any rear-wheel-drive GM coach in drivable condition. 

He does, however, own a 1979 Ford Econoline 150 van painted up like a coroner's van.  

His van is a '79 Ford with the 300ci (4.9 liter) inline 6 cyl, 

which is mated to a 3-speed manual trans with an overdrive gear.  

It has custom 2 1/4" exhaust with a cherry bomb glass-packed muffler 

and a 3.5" chrome tip, and 15x7" and 15x8.5" American Racing aluminum mags. 

It's painted up like a coroner's van, in navy blue with yellow lettering on the sides and rear doors.  

No pics yet.

Layne Ezell restored this 1970 Cadillac Superior Combination 

shown in his local Christmas parade.  

He was even asked "your hearse or mine" 

when his oldest sister passed away this March, 

but he passed keeping the hearse for his son's everyday driver to school.

Rip Fantom has The Ride of Frankenstein a '65 Cadillac Kustom 

with original black paint with the addition of a few flame licks airbrushed on it. 

He uses it to haul around equipment for his band The Rosedales.  

He has a passion for old cars and he also owns a '65 Mustang convertible.  

Visit The Rosedales webfright

Jack Feather of Tombstone Hearse Co. in Alum Bank, PA 

wants to share some pictures of the hearses.

 You can find more info from their website at  

You can also see more pictures from their affiliates page so check out their sites as well.  

Especially Mid-west Iron Horse!

wpe2C.jpg (283227 bytes)    wpe2E.jpg (311499 bytes)    wpe30.jpg (389182 bytes)    wpe32.jpg (368051 bytes)    wpe34.jpg (271325 bytes)

Adam Fernow : The Hearse Guy, of North St. Paul MN. 

His baby is a 1972 Cadillac Miller Meteor Combo 

that is very nice and will be customized over the winter.  

He's also looking for his dream car the elusive '59 Cadillac hearse.

David Finch, of Maple Heights OH, doesn't have a hearse yet

Bradley "NightShade" Flener of Cromwell, KY just missed buying a '64, 

but he's looking for one to restore and customize.

Dick and Carole Fogle of Trevor WI, own several hearses:
1968 Superior Crown Limousine style End loader, 
1970 Superior End Loader (restored),
1970 Superior End Loader (under restoration),
1970 Superior End Loader Parts car,
1971 Superior Crown End Loader (very fine),
1973 M & M 3 way (recently had a fire in the engine compartment) many excellent rust free parts for sale.
Engine and transmission (rebuilt),
1974 Superior Limousine style End Loader (with window panels),
1975 Superior End Loader Texas car (sold to Scary Perry Claeys),
1976 S & S Centennial Victoria Hearse

Bill Ford, of Bakersfield, CA, doesn't have a hearse at this moment, but he's looking.  

Prefers a 59-64 caddy, but will settle for anything. He's just gotta have a hearse!

Ken Forst, of Ramrod Key, FL, has a 1972 dark blue with grey interior Cadillac hearse 

with a 472 engine intact complete with a casket.


Kurt Foster of Streator, IL has this 69 Caddy Superior that runs good, 

but the body is a little rough, but not too bad.

David Fry, of Cameron MO, doesn't have a hearse, but his best friend does.

Benjamin Galasinski of Lemont, IL has a 1964 Cadillac Superior limousine style hearse

Miguel Gallego of Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

has have never owned a hearse, but he's fascinated by them.  

He recently created a multiple award-winning short horror film, THE CRYPT CLUB, 

that features a gorgeous 1954 Pontiac Superior hearse, named Hearsella.  

There are some images on his website.  (  

The film will be broadcast in 2005 on the CBC. 

 Details of this are also on the website.  

He hopes all the Las Ryds members & fans visit and enjoy.

Erick Gatcomb, of Hancock ME, has "Jess" a 1971 Cadillac hearse 

that is red and black.
He's also looking for another hearse in the 

$800 or less range that runs and just needs a little work, 

also close by would be nice.

Jon Gentry has a 1982Cadillac Collins Conversion Endloader in Central Illinois

Jon4.jpg (35822 bytes)    Jon3.jpg (28431 bytes)

Bryan Gifford has LAZARUS is a 1973 Cadillac Superior Sovereign Endloader. 

"I bought it from a funeral home 3 days after its last funeral. 

Within a week a I had the interior gutted and began a radical transformation. 

Interior is out of a 1996 Dodge Caravan. The table was removed for a limo conversion. 

Audio-video entertainment system with over $12,000.00 in Kenwood Excelon components - 

in-dash TV/head unit where stock clock was in passenger side dash - 

equalizer/spectrum analyzer where factory radio was - 

4 10" subwoofers in custom cabinet where divider wall was - 

hidden amp rack with 4 amplifiers in track where extended table was - 

overhead storage compartment now houses Hi-Fi VCR, Nintendo 64, and a 10 disc CD changer - 

24 feet of purple neon and 4 green Xenon strobes under car - 

12 feet of purple, green, and color-changing neon, 

as well as 6 purple Xenon strobes and 4 black lights in car - 

custom air shocks - custom casket trailer - tinted windows - custom graphics - 

custom wheel covers - all audio & video is wireless remote control operated. 

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff. I did all the work myself. 

LAZARUS can be seen at with pictures available. 

I'm looking for a 66 or older Cadillac 3 way in excellent condition - no rust. 

I know where there is a 48 Packard and a 58 Cadillac - will tell for a small finders fee.

Thomas and Alicia Glander , of Arden Hills MN, are assigned to 

a 1967 Cadillac S&S 3-way coach owned by the Ramsy County Sheriffs Department.  

It is Black purple with a silver flame job boasting a 472 powerplant.


Glenn of Harrisburg, NC is interested in buying a hearse.

Ever since he saw one with Jesse James, he fell in love with them.

He doesn't have a lot of money nor is he able to travel long distances because he is in a wheelchair.

If anyone knows of any places that sell them in NC or even in SC, please let him know.



Greg Glover of Middlebourne, WV has TWO hearses!
1977 Cadillac S & S Victoria, 88,000 miles - sable black with green interior- 

the car is all original except for the exhaust.

425 v8 with true duals with 3 inch chrome tips  

It has 2 1/4 inch dual exhaust pipes with glasspack mufflers 

and 3 inch chrome tips coming out under the rear bumper

1985 Buick S & S Victoria - black with blood red interior

The car has 54,000 original miles.

355 small block Chevy engine with dual exhausts 

The car is all original for now.  He has aluminum wheels for it and 

it's gonna have dual exhaust like his 77 caddy. 

The car had a blown head gasket and  he picked it up for $450. 

He couldn't pass it up for that!


File0006.jpg (141772 bytes)    lindsaygrad045.jpg (788705 bytes)    hearse010.jpg (110988 bytes)    hearse033.jpg (106514 bytes)

Eldon Gragert has this 1975 Cadillac Superior for his DJ business.

Kevin Graham of Victoria Australia doesn't currently own one but he is looking!  

He prefers a 1959-1964 Cadillac Eureka, M&M, S&S or Superior. 

Problem is…MUST be right hand drive…from Australia, or maybe the UK or Canada.

Doesn’t care if they need rust fixed…a re-spray and the interior done…

provided it’s complete (including Landau bars) as its very difficult to get parts in Australia.
The kinds he's looking for:


Steve Groppe of Galt, CA owns a 1982 Caddy Superior Endloader.

It is silver, only 52k miles.  

He bought it off a funeral home in Inglewood, CA.

It differs from all other hearses he's seen in that it has rear windows.  

Most coaches have the vinyl roof go down the sides in the back.  

This one doesn’t, it has windows!

hearse_0001.JPG (75753 bytes)    hearse_0004.JPG (75465 bytes)    hearse_0006.JPG (49264 bytes)    hearse_0007.JPG (54309 bytes)

David Green of Summerfield, FL has a 1971 Cadillac S&S Victoria

Dave Griffis has this 1974 Superior undergoing restoration

Raye Gruell from Casper Wyoming has owned "Elvira", 

a 1962 Cadillac Superior Coach Limousine style, for the past 25 years. 

Now being restored and customized, she had her 390c.i. motor completely rebuilt
and customized and ready to reinstall. 

Plans include converting her to a Landau style and 

the addition of vinyl roof, new paint and crushed velvet interior. 

She is in need of some chrome repair and cancer replacement, 

if anyone can help me out with some panels and replacement parts 

that would be greatly appreciated. 

Ed Gulden , of Warren MN, has an award winning 1971 Cadillac 

(Grave Sights Hearse Club's Ugliest Hearse 2002).  

It's getting painted purple and gold for the Vikings shortly.

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