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Mike La Spisa, of Melrose Park IL, has 2 hearses...

an all silver 1979 and an all white 1989, both are painted metallic.

Kristopher Larson of Merrillville, IN just purchased a 

1984 Buick Superior hearse that's silver with a black top and blue interior.

Danny Lawson, of Houston TX, doesn't have a hearse yet, but will be purchasing one soon.

Graeme Lemin, of Glenroy Australia, is our 2nd member from Australia!  

He owns a 1939 Dodge hearse, a 1946 Mercury hearse, 

a 1952 Ford hearse, a 1959 Ford hearse, and a 1961 Chrysler hearse.  

The Chrysler and the Mercury can be viewed at and click on the Victoria link.

Nick Leroy, of Dallas GA, used to have a '76 Fleetwood 500 CI black painted white 

that was hit by a drunk driver that came through the yard, 

bounced off of it and hit a pine.  

He also knows of a lot of other hearses for sale in his area.

Robert Lewis, Jr, of Spindale NC, has a 1976 Cadillac Superior 

which was bought for a commercial for a 

haunted forest that he worked at. 

He bought it from the owner and then converted it into a limo 

with black velvet interior and spider web fabric that glows in the dark.  

Also installed is a chrome skull hood ornament with 

bones running up the hood and black lights inside and red neon lights underneath.

Michael Lord, of Rochester NH, has a 1991 Ford "Imperial" first call conversion 

on the Crown Victoria chassis that is in AWESOME shape.

William Luce , of Ashtabula OH, has this 1966 Cadillac S&S hearse

Styrbjörn Lundström is a 36 year old truck driver from the Western part of
Sweden, a small sleepy town named Vara . He has been into hearses since 1989
and beside his fascination of pro-cars he's into heavy metal/black metal,
historic attractions made of mankind the last 100 years, lots of really
weird stuff there!!!  He's also a train-addict, full scale or small scale, doesn't matter

The 1972 S&S is undergoing restoration. Yeah! He has found a couple of
doors to it! A friend of his is going do the welding and hopefully he has a
nice sable black S&S Victoria until next summer. This car is very special to
him.  He owned it back in the early 90's, sold it to a friend. It ended up in
business again 1998-2000 at a funeral home in Sweden. They crashed it.
An old geezer hit a redlight with his non-registered Volvo 245.  He had
serious thoughts of sending him a cake or something, as his appreciation for
buying it back so cheap. He really missed it and He's so glad to have it back.
It has the S&S silver-thread tapestry interior with fake-mahogany trim and a
special designed rear loading casket table for Swedish coffins. They are not
flat, they stand on some small feet so you can't use the orginal casket rollers.
It has now 60,000 miles on it, runs like a freight  train, nice chrome and
even the AC still blows cold. It was imported to Sweden from Pennsylvania in 1987.

The blue 1967 Superior Crown Royale is a electric 3-way. Really nice car and
a headturner by the numbers!!! It has 124,000 miles on it but everything but
the front bench is nice. His dog (Staffordshire Bullterrier) tore it up
totally last summer. sad, that was a good damn' nice reupholstered

He bought the blue one in Los Angeles back in February, 2000.  He bought it from a
friend of a friend who is active within The Phantom Coaches.

Image67bridge1_mini.jpg (79474 bytes)    Image_mini1.jpg (70263 bytes)

Carol Lussky, of Elgin IL, has a 1951 Buick Flxible Sterling Endloader 

that was originally used by the Sime Funeral Home in Soldiers Grove WI.

Shawna Luttrell of Lexington KY doesn't have a hearse....yet

Kasey Mac, of Chicago IL, is looking for a late '80s Lincoln or Cadillac hearse 

that he can trick out by repainting either a black cherry color 

or white with flames up the sides, 

re-carpet the interior and add rear seating, 

rope lighting, and a killer sound system. 

James "Phobos" Maguire is now the proud owner of a 

1970 Cadillac Superior Hearse.  

He hails from New Rochelle, NY!

Adam and Brendan Mahar of Aurora, IL have owned a

1986 Collins MM Cadillac LeClassic Hearse 

and a 1987 Pontiac Grandam 6 door 

and want to share this interesting link: Know-How

Jonathan Manning of Overland Park, KS has a '84 Buick LaSabre by Century Coachworks.  

It's silver with silver vinyl top, interior is blue.
It has 60K miles and runs great. 

It has been lowered, magwheels, wide tires, functional side exhaust pipes.

It has a sliding platform in the back as opposed to rollers. Looks very sharp. 


        buick.JPG (51246 bytes)

John A. Manzo of Plano, IL doesn't have a hearse but want to be a member!

Ron and Brenda Marlin of San Antonio TX just bought a 1984 Cadillac hearse February 24th, 2006 in Laredo, TX

Joshua Marsh has a '73 Cadillac 3-way hearse that's all there 

but the 3-way parts and is rebuilding the engine in school.

Paul Mastalir actually drives a hearse for a living like me.

Michael J. Maxim a.k.a. Mr. Maniacal of Broadview Hts., OH recently acquired
a 1987 Silver with black top Cadillac Fleetwood S/S Hearse in awesome condition! 

There is some minor rust where the top meets the metal body, but only a little. 

The interior is blue and virtually flawless with no rips, tears, or discoloration of any kind. 

The curtains in the side windows and the back are a cream color. 

He did remove the sliding glass in between the seats because 

of sun glare in the morning and evening hours and 

he took down the curtains in the back window for safety purposes, 

but all is intact and can be reinstalled. 

The back curtains will be put back up during October. 

He plans on restoring the rust spots this summer and next year redo the paint 

(He's keeping it the original silver) to make the old girl just like new. 

The engine is in great shape.  

He's never owned a better car in his life and not just because it's a hearse! 

He has named her Mortis.


Donna May of Downers Grove, IL  does not have a hearse but plans to purchase one this year.



Mr. & Mrs. M. Balmed (Gene and Kim Bandlow) of Grand Rapids MI 

recently bought this 1988 Lincoln Eagle with a purple dual rotator on top 

and added the red rope light in the casket far 

(License plate "DEADFUN") and they also have a '84 Buick Eureka 

that they just bought last year and they recently sold the '86 Cadillac S&S.  

Their newest addition is "LILURN" (the license plate) 

a modified PT Cruiser with landau bars from a 1925 Hennessey hearse. 

As Chrysler themselves phrased it "Hearse meets Prowler" making the PT Cruiser....

anyone have any ideas on how to get a casket back there now?
Here's a link to their hearse club: GraveyardHaulerz

Suzanne McCarty and her husband from Jacksonville FL 

recently bought a '70 Cadillac hearse that needs engine and body work.

Fred McCoy now has 5 hearses.  A '71 Cadillac, '72 Olds, '77 Cadillac, '79 Cadillac, '80 Cadillac.  

His wife has threatened to put him in one if he buys another one...

Personally, I don't know why - You can never have enough hearses!
Look out he's the police and fire chief of Hustonville KY.

John (Morbid) McCoy has a 1974 Cadillac Landau

James McDonald, of Flushing MI, has a 1983 black Cadillac Collins coach.

John McDonald of Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada owns 
a 1987 Buick LeSabre coach, white with black vinyl on out, deep blue interior.
He purchased his hearse two years ago from a high-school kid who had bought it to impress girls. 

He freaked them out more than anything, so he sold it to John for $700.00 CDN.
John has spent the last six months reconditioning it and putting it back together mechanically. 

He's christened the car "Nightrain", after the Guns 'N' Roses song of the same name.

Stewart & LaVerne McGee are the hearse company that 

Justin Carriages built the motorcycle hearse for. 

They are located in Gilbert,  AZ which is one of the suburbs of the Phoenix area. 

Their web site is and 

Herb did a nice job on the hearse.

Brant and Hazel McKeown, of Kennesaw GA, are in the market for their first hearse.  

They're favoring one in the 1966-73 Cadillac line.

Greg McPherson of Huntsville, AL has a 1984 S&S Victoria, 

with extended table. And only 34K miles!

Crushed Blue velour interior. 

He has had her now for a couple of years and it was love at first sight!

DSC00340a.jpg (262226 bytes)    DSC00341a.jpg (246943 bytes)    DSC00343a.jpg (190537 bytes)    DSC00350.JPG (158948 bytes)

Link to his website (until he can build a proper one!)

He's also done a wedding with his hearse. 

Picture it...... In the place of a limo is a Hearse,

with a sign on the side saying "Bride and Doomed".

Gonna have some fun !


David Mendoza of Berwyn, IL has a 1968 Cadillac Hearse Miller Meteor.  

It's gray with black crinkle top.  

He purchased it in December 2007 and he loves driving it all over the place!  

It gets a lot of attention! He plans to do some upgrades.


IMG_2674.jpg (166462 bytes)    IMG_2675.jpg (151337 bytes)    IMG_2676.jpg (142022 bytes)    IMG_2677.jpg (167012 bytes)    IMG_2678.jpg (147592 bytes)


Jason (but you can call him Jay) Messier of Salina, KS 

has a 1968 Cadillac Hearse  made by Superior Coach Works. 

It sat in NJ for 3 yrs before he got it. 

His girlfriend and he got it running, put 80 miles on it 

and left on the 1300 mile trip from Ft. Lauderdale to Salina. 


Mike used to have a 1968 Cadillac- Looking for a 1957 Chevrolet Hearse

Bob Miller from Villa Park, IL just purchased a 1972 Cadillac Superior 

and is kicking around the idea of customizing it.

Ken Mitchell's 1983 fresh from funeral use Fleetwood limousine

Morbid Mike is one of our newest members and is sending hearse pics soon!

Ryan Moore of Virginia Beach, VA has a 1979 Cadillac S&S Victoria. 

It is white with blue interior. It is top of the line for the year. 

It runs perfectly. Being a VA Beach citizen, rust is starting to form, 

but he wont let it take his baby! 

He is customizing his hearse with Crager  rims, tubbed wheels, 

new electric blue paint, neon light external effects, 

with black light interior effects, a kickin' stereo (speakers mounted in a coffin), 

tinted windows, and probably some other cool stuff as he comes up with it. 

Oh, by the way, his license plate is LST RYDE. 

Thus, he is the perfect member for the club!

Gabriel Morris of Blacksburg, VA has a 1975 Cadillac Superior.

It's got a few problems: 

power/gas lines/exhaust but he paid $800 for her 

and saved her from getting chopped up    

Cody Nelligan, of Palmer MA, is looking at a few hearses now.  

His grandfather used to restore professional cars, 

so he's grown up around quite a bit of them.

David Nevins 1968 Pontiac-Superior Endloader

James Niemczyk purchased a '72 Cadillac Miller-Meteor 

from a private collector that WAS in great shape 

until an uninsured motorist and a flat tire in 

Nebraska made it not so sharp.  

It still is his daily driver.  

The way it's supposed to be!

NINOLATERE just bought this '74 Cadillac Superior Endloader...hopes we like her.  

Duh...this is a hearse club, of course we love her!

Adriana Normand, of Savannah GA, picked up a 1974 Cadillac Miller-Meteor, 

it's green and kinda rusted around parts, but in decent shape.  

It needs a little interior work.  

She's also got an '84 Oldsmobile first call car for sale.

Greg Norman of Waveland IN has this '76 Miller-Meteor hearse.

Julie "Madhatter" North from Iowa, just picked up a 1961 Pontiac Bonneville hearse.

Rick Oleson, of Lexington KY, did have a 1951 Pontiac/Meteor, 

bought in 1976 for $75 ("split the cost with my girlfriend, 

who later broke up with me so I wound up owning the hearse for $37.50").  

It was a black 1951 Pontiac, flat head straight 8, 

3-speed column shift, maroon rear interior (front interior was originally grey, 

I reupholstered it in maroon to match the rear). 

It had originally been owned by a funeral home in Mattoon, Illinois, 

where it had served as an ambulance as well as a hearse. 

I rearranged the letters in the "AMBULANCE" window/dashboard sign to read "MABEL", 

so that became the car's name. 

It had a Thrush muffler and no tailpipe, and sounded great on Halloween. 

It got 13MPG on the highway, 7.5 in the city, and 

accelerated about even with a worn VW Microbus (I tested this).

William (Bill) and Carol Owens, of Tucson AZ, owns "Blanche" 

a white with white vinyl top 1973 Cadillac Miller-Meteor 

that they purchased in Whitewater WI (they're originally from Janesville, WI).  

It is in storage for the next 2 years until they get back from AZ 

to begin the usual restoration of rusty floors and door bottoms.  

Runs a little rough, but drives well at 65. 

They say that it looks a lot like Paul "Pall Bearer" Heiber's '76 M&M, 

but they don't agree with the ugliest hearse award.....I don't either, 

but that's how the vote went.

Mitch Owen, of Waukee IA, is only 15 and wants a hearse 

because he's fascinated by the old coaches and 

the history behind them and he would like to be a funeral director, 

so he's going to start early and buy one.

Charles Owens, of West Virginia, enjoys funeral items so much 

he owns Owen's Casket and Monument and Funeral Supplies.  

His first hearse was a 1969 Miller Meteor Combo with removable landau panels.  

Now he is looking for another one to purchase.  

The Lincoln limousine is a 72" stretch by Dillenger-Gaines 

and was sold as a pair with the '69 hearse back in April of '01.  

The 1995 Cadillac limousine  has a 24" stretch by L&C with a 4.9l engine 

and it's for sale for a mere $6,500.  

At one time he had a baby casket made of wormy chestnut that he used as a coffee (coffin) table.
He has his own hearse club too:

Jim Oyler of Tinley Park, IL has a 1969 Oldsmobile Cotner-Bevington which he converted to a limo.

He initially got it out of a junkyard where it had holes big enough to put his head through.

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