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William Palmes just sold this1973 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Endloader hearse 

Black with a black crinkle top only 50,000 miles on it.  

He just bought his dream car a 1971 Miller-Meteor 3-way.

Paula Parsons is looking into buying and restoring this 1947 Miller hearse

Rob Partington, of Thorold, Ontario, Canada, is looking for a 1955-1972 hearse.

Patricia from Liverpool, England has always wanted to own one of these 

splendid vehicles in which we all take our last car journey.  

She'd like to know if anyone knows of any private hearse owner/drivers in the UK? 

Also, she would be happy to hear from any of you lucky people who'd like to tell her all about it.

Andy Pector from California just purchased this 1972 Cadillac-Superior Combo 

and a 1968 Miller-Meteor electric 3-way (doesn't the 1972 look familiar)  

He's gonna be picking up "dead" computers to be rebuilt for a community group with his hearses.

Charles Pendlebury of East Quogue, NY has been interested in hearses since grade school 

and now that he's retired he's looking for an inexpensive way to take one surfing.

Laurie "Morticia" Pierce would love a hearse, but the parents are totally against the idea.

Duane Pischke, of Beaver Dam WI, FINALLY has a 1980 Cadillac hearse 

that needs some body work and other TLC here and there, 

but it is a 16 years project/dream come true

Marty Price from Lexington, SC owns a 1969 Cadillac M&M.

Dave Prill of Eagan MN is interested in Funeral/Mortuary History, 

but hasn't explored the hearse side of the Biz yet.

Rev. Eddie Proctor 1977 Cadillac M&M Endloader - 

click on the link to learn more about Ed the Cross Man.  

Have you seen a better way to spend a summer with your friends, 

especially ones like Jim "Shorty" Tanner who is seen here 

helping all of us find the 1st annual get-together last June.

Bria Pruitt of Mt. Morris, IL currently does not have a hearse 

but she's seriously interested in obtaining one.  

She doesn't want to pay a lot of money for one as she is looking to restore it herself.  

She doesn't care if it runs or not, as long as the body has 

no rust on it and there isn't much body work to be done...she's good with that.  

She is interested in purchasing a Miller Meteor (Caddy or Pontiac) 

but it has to be older than 1960.  She likes the bubble look. 

Ideally, she'd like the same make, model and year as the one in Phantasm...

however she doesn't know what it is...LOL.  

Please help her find her dream car...*sniffle*...She neeeeeeeeds it!

"Willy Q"  from Port Crane NY, bought his first hearse 

a 1973 Cadillac Superior Endloader 

last year that needed some work.

 Now he's looking for that ultimate hearse babe to go with it.


Dr Race of Friendswood, TX has this slightly modified 1951 Cadillac Superior.

It can now be seen at Nightmares Basement of the Dead Haunted House in Aurora, IL.

Rick and Sue Rager of Lockport, IL own a 1986 Pontiac Parisienne Eureka Chieftain Conversion 

that they bought from a funeral home in Channahon, IL.  

Their car, Druscilla, won Best in Class at the Chicago World of Wheels 2005!

MVC-775F.jpg (41587 bytes) MVC-768F.jpg (50258 bytes) MVC-770F.jpg (42695 bytes) DSCF0061.jpg (33605 bytes)

Marc Ragland has an original rust-free condition 1957 Caddy hearse.  

It's only missing landau bars and coach lights

[email protected] got a 1974 Olds 98 C&E hearse off of eBay 

that has 47,000 miles on it and it runs and drives like new.

Frank(enstine) Randall , of Columbus IN, now owns a 1964 Pontiac Bonneville Superior Consort, 

1 of only 21 Hearses made that year (confirmed from Accubuilt rep.) 

It is a Landau style with crinkle paint roof and set up for a cot as a service car for "removals". 

The following link is to his photo page at Webshots.

Becky Ray "Countess Varla" , of Grain Valley MO, is looking for a "fixer-upper" hearse.

James Reinhofer of Franklin Park, IL recently purchased 

a silver 1979 Olds Custom Cruiser B&B end loader 

He won it on E-bay (unintentionally) for his 

teenage daughter’s first car (just messing with her.)  

She refuses to drive it but he loves to 

pick her up from school with it for laughs.  

He named it Spook-Dog.


b1_3.jpg (54548 bytes)

Mike Rekai, of Barberton OH, has a 1973 Cadillac Miller Meteor Endloader.  

86,800 miles on the 472 engine, gold curtains, gold lace interior, 

gold seats, white headliner, and Formica floor.  

Originally white, but someone painted it this "fugly" brown color and dyed the top.

Troy Reno of Arvada CO is saving for a hearse.

Dr. Dave Rhodes, of Kissimmee, FL, is in negotiations for 

a '61 Caddy Endloader in need of restoration.  

He's also in the business of converting 

commercial coaches to luxury motorhomes

Sonny Rockets with "Pugsley" his 1974 Cadillac Superior

Mike and Deanna Rogers of St. Charles, MO have a 
  1979 Cadillac Miller Meteor 3-way.  

She's black and beautiful! It only has 47,000 miles.


rogershearse.jpg (11526 bytes)


"Ruck", of Tempe AZ, owned a '68 Miller-Meteor in rough shape.  

Now he would like to purchase 1957-1968 Cadillac, 

any coach builder, unmolested/customized (all original), 

landau-style in good-excellent condition preferably with air conditioning (Arizona is hot!). 

I'm partial to '67-'68, but any of the above model years will be seriously considered.

Rick Ruotolo from Rockaway, NJ is a recent new member

Danny Russo an interested hearser

Mike Sackey is a hearse owner( '86 Fleetwood).

If you have a moment check out his web site

Cindy Sale 1968 Cadillac Superior formerly owned by Tom and Roseanne (Barr) Arnold

Sanity Factor of Cleveland Ohio has a 1983 Buick LeSabre S&S Endloader, 

currently restoring/customizing, any assistance helping him find a rear door greatly appreciated

Phillip and Tom Sawyer, of Bellville IL, run Sawyer Livery Service 

which serves smaller funeral homes in the Illinois and Missouri area.

James Schaefer , of Thomsom, GA, owns his first hearse a 1976 Cadillac Miller-Meteor 

that after scrounging money for years he finally 

sold his '89 Ford Ranger to afford it.  

Looking for a passenger side fender skirt and chrome for the same fender. 

Jon Schied, of Cleveland, OH, owns a 1985 Buick Eureka long door, 

white on white. Car has custom rims with big and little tire setup.
Future plans include a cowl hood scoop, custom paint and 

dual flowmaster exhaust.

658186883_l.jpg (96745 bytes)

Barbara Schmaling , of Fort Atkinson WI, has a 1983 Buick LeSabre hearse 

that's grey with a black landau top

Bryan and Dusty Schoening, of Pahrump NV, have a 1972 Cadillac Superior 3-way

Casey "LoKi" Schwoyer has a 1967 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Endloader.

Bryan Scott from Louisville, KY owns a 1969 Caddy Fleetwood.

It's in need of restoration and he's trying to find Interested sponsors.

Mary Shaver, of North Augusta, SC, has "Morticia" a 1971 Cadillac S&S 

with a soon to be changed 472 engine.  

It is a work in progress to become a show car/daily driver.

Psycho Dave and Shaura Shults of Peoria, IL don't own a hearse.  

But they own a 6 door funeral limo.

1985 Collins Commodore Cadillac Funeral Limo.

Built in New Jersey

Commissioned  in Pennsylvania

Taken out of funeral commission 2-05

Now it's an everyday driver in Illinois.

There are no mods.  

Dave does have some tinting to do so their kids aren't blinded by the sun.  

The kids love to be dropped off at school with it.

shultslimo1.jpg (201861 bytes)    shultslimo2.jpg (227366 bytes)    shultslimo3.jpg (206744 bytes)    shultslimo4.jpg (185307 bytes)    shultslimo5.jpg (192705 bytes)

Alex Shuman has a 1974 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Endloader.  

It has 56,000 miles, all of it's original paperwork, 

new dual exhaust with turbo mufflers, 

new alternator, and new battery.  

Future plans include mag wheels, paint, black lights in the back, 

and a stereo system that'll wake the dead.  

Looking for a cheap casket, quarter panels and a rear bumper...

overall not too bad for $800.      

He's still looking for a '69 or '70 Superior, but it's something to play with for now.

Ed Sigmund, of Chesapeake, VA, recently purchased a 1987 Cadillac Superior 

from a local funeral home that's in beautiful condition with only 51,000 miles on it.  

With a few modifications to the doors, he'll be using it as a mini-camper if the need ever arises.

Brian Silcox, of Beaufort SC, has always wanted a hearse 

but has never gotten off his behind to get one. 

He's looking for a hearse around the '68 Cadillac era.

Al Skinner, of Wrightsville PA, runs Biker Burials  

which is a Harley Davidson Roadking 

with a custom sidecar for carrying caskets.

"SKULL" from Fort Mojave, AZ is the President of ROLL'N DEAD Hearse Club....

"We're Always Dig'n Up New Members"   

He has 2 hearses. 

A 1962 Cadillac M&M 3 way SKULL DeVille. 

His name is "AFTERDEATH" with a 1994 Chevy 350 Vortec Motor, 

a Turbo 400 Transmission, Edlebrock 600 cfm Carburator, 

Bat Fin's, Bat Visor, Coffin Hood Scoop, 13 Teeth in the Grill, 

Black Fur Headliner and Dash, Black with Red Velvet Interior (with Spider Web's 

and Chrome Skull's, 6" Chrome Chain Steering Wheel, 

4 Coffin Speakers with a Pioneer AM/FM Stereo CD Player. 

He was used in the Movie "MONSTER SQUAD" 

and was owned by a member of the Rock Group "ELO"      

Second Hearse: A 1960 Pontiac Superior Landau Endloader, 

I'm told it is 1 of 47 made! 

It is Stock except for a Rear Seat and a Edlebrock 750 cfm Carburetor.  

It has new brake master cylinder and WIDE white wall tires - 

IT'S FOR SALE along with a 1979 hearse.

Branden Smith from Minnesota has a '78 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Endloader

Derek Smith, of Battle Creek MI, has a 1985 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser conversion 

with only 66,000 miles on it that he's customizing.

Glenn Smith of Indian River, Ontario, Canada owns a 1958 Cadillac/ Eureka.

He rescued this car from a wrecking yard.

It was on the pile slated to be crushed.  

It does have a rust problem and is missing some parts.  

There was no engine but he picked up a 58 Fleetwood 60 Special for parts 

( it sat behind a body shop for about 30 years) and, 

coincidentally, it has the engine from this hearse...and it still runs!!

He is planning to start this project Winter of 2005 and 

it will probably be a few more winters before it is done.

Here is a pic of his hearse (taken the previous winter, no snow there...yet). 

Apr3071(2).jpg (58447 bytes)

Marty Smith , of Germantown, MD, doesn't have a hearse yet, 

but he's looking for a mid-80's Buick long door one.

Mick Smith of Newton KS has 6 hearses and his dad has 2 flower cars.

Ryan Smith from Yucca Valley California owns both "Emily" 

an orange '69 Miller Meteor and a '68 Miller Meteor combo 

that other than a few bullet holes and shot out glass is all there.


Visit his website

SMooTH of Ink Addiction Tattoos in Chicago, IL has a 1989 Fleetwood Eagle.
New paint(used to be silver) few things removed because they were an eye sore 

(flag post ,eagle emblems, rims, stereo).  

He removed the emblem because the car is nowhere near done, 

(this was strictly for the summer).  N

ext summer, it'll have quite a few more bells and whistles 

(that he can't give away just yet) 

so it will no longer be an Eagle hearse. 

It'll be a Pleasure & Pain Custom hearse. 

IM000223.jpg (135110 bytes)

Bill Stanfill , of Oklahoma City OK, has a 1987 Cadillac S&S Victoria hearse 

that is medium blue with medium blue 1/3 vinyl top that was in service until April of '20, 

an '85 Cadillac 6-door limousine that's silver with blue vinyl top that was 

in service until April of '00, and recently sold an all white '85 Cadillac Superior.

Willard Starkey, of Moatsville WV, has a 1971 Cadillac Superior Endloader 

that he plans on restoring...originally pearl white, now it's copper bronze.  

He's also looking to buy one from the 60-70s.

Floyd H Starr of Mason State, MI is on his 5th car now. 

He started back in the 1970's with a '63 M&M Limo Combination. 

Soon added a 69 Superior Landau Combination. 

Both were used as back up ambulances in his little Kansas town.  

Those were the good, old days. 

But now, he's been lucky to find a '75 M&M electric 3-way with only 58K miles on it. 

It has been well-kept, and he's working at ironing out a few remaining blemishes. 

As she sits, she's ready for a funeral.

Richard Steinick from Madrid IA, owns this 1986 Eureka Buick hearse, 

that he just purchased from C. W. Coach in Cincinnati.  

This hearse could go back in service today, if needed. 

Phil Stermer of Chicago, IL had a 1987 Eagle Lincoln Town Car hearse, 

that's silver with a silver top and gunmetal cloth interior that just moved to California. 

Bobbie Jo Stevens (yes she's am a girl!) of Olive Hill, KY 

doesn't have a hearse yet but maybe within a month or two!  

She is  getting a 1976 Cadillac hearse very soon for only $400!

It is in great shape. She can't wait to get it & deck it all out.  

It's gonna kick so much a$$!

Chris Stewart, of Spokane WA, is customizing a 1969 Cadillac hearse.

Brady Stoehr of Bates City, MO owns a 1976 Olympian Miller Meteor Endloader.
He purchased this sweet ryde from LasRyds member Greg in Crawfordsville IN. 

He drove it home to Missouri the end of July 2005 and has already begun working on it. 

He hopes to do some mechanical work to get it roadworthy, 

and maybe soup up the 500 ci engine. 

He also plans to redo the front interior and paint her either a deep purple or maroon.


Hearse002.jpg (95941 bytes)    Hearse003.jpg (85108 bytes)

Lisa Stoner of Orland Hills, IL has has a 1980 (Cadillac,Fleetwood) Silver Hearse 

w/ Navy Blue Top & w/ Blue Interior. 

She got it from her papa, 

who gave up on it because it kept costing him alot to keep fixing it, 

so he just gave it to her and said "Here You Deal w/ it Now". 

And she had it sittings around for almost a year (couldn't afford to fix it),

but finally got the money together & had gotten what needed to be done on it 

& has been driving it since April 2006 for her everyday car.

She also wants to say "Thanks" to Rick for leaving her a LasRyds card on her windshield!

She's looking forward to meeting new people with the same interest!

Adam Sum , from Centralia, IL, has 3 sons and 3 hearses...

a 1966 Cadillac Miller-Meteor that he's pro-streeting 

and a 1977 Cadillac Fleetwood that is staying all original, 

as well as looking at others.  

Just picked up a 1962 Cadillac S&S.

Janet Sumner and Laura Chavis, of Fayetteville, NC, have their first hearse 

a 1978 Cadillac Superior Endloader. 

Interior needs some work to restore her to her finest condition, 

slight body damage with rust around the vinyl but slight, 

Passenger door panels need replaced and scrolls on both sides of coach are missing, 

small hole in exhaust but have gotten nec material to patch, attaching a picture.  

If you want a funny story try this one!  

IN NC they seize vehicles from Drunk Drivers and 

yup this one was seized.  

I don't believe she was in impound for quite 4 months 

from a receipt that we found in the back from 5-7-02, 

so there isn't too much exposure damage.  

I picked it up at Auction at a remarkable price, 

and drove it off the impound lot that day.

In less than a week we have come to love our beautiful lady 

and have named her Morgana.  

Any help we can get in locating parts to restore her to her original beauty 

would be greatly appreciated as well as general knowledge about her and other hearses.  

Perhaps someone could instruct me in how to get her history?

Steve Swick, Belvidere, IL, owns a 1967 Cadillac S&S Parkhill in really nice shape.  

I LOVE the license plates STIFF 67

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